Business Visa

Applicant Gets Access to VITEM-II Visa for the following;

  • Represents his or her company in an exhibition or tradeshow
  • Goes for discussing business meetings, sales promotion or closing deals related to export or import
  • For covering Media related activities or Filming
  • For flight or ship crew members trips who do not possess an international crew card
  • For adopting a Brazilian minor with custody already granted
NOTE-  It is illegal in Brazil to provide any kind of technical assistance or engaging in any voluntary work or professional training or doing any other professional activities on a business VITEM-II visa. However, for getting involved in work related to the said activities, then another type of visa, VITEM-V is to be applied for. Visitors found breaching this norm would be subjected to heavy immigration penalties according to Brazil.

General Requirements of a Business Visa

All Business visa applications while being submitted to the Brazilian Embassy or General Consulate are to be accompanied by the following mentioned documents;

Applicant’s Original Passport with

  • Validity having at least another 6 months from the date of submitting the application
  • Having minimum two blank visa pages for visa stamp
  • The Consulate will not accept any damaged, soiled or defaced passports

Online Visa Application Form successfully completed, and submitting its printed receipt page that is duly signed by the passport holder with an attached photo placed on the mentioned area. Visit the Visa application form here with paying special attention to every guideline and details first.

Passport Size Color Photograph of the applicant with dimensions having 2″ x 2″. Other photo   requirements include;

  • That they should not be older than six months
  • Showing a clear frontal view of the applicants face in the center of the photo having no shadow
  • Photo must be taken in front of a plain white background
  • Applicant’s neutral(no smiling)facial expression must appear showing both eyes opened without wearing any eye glasses or eye patch
  • No snapshots, photocopies or computer pictures will be accepted

Travel Itinerary includes applicant’s copy of their round trip ticket, other reservations or the letter provided from the travel agent under applicant’s name having complete details, arrival and departure dates, flight number and reservation code of the airline company.

NOTE: The itinerary may not be required if needed itinerary information is already indexed on the business letter.

Invitation or Business Letter

provided from the Brazilian Sponsoring Company or any institution that is calling the visa applicant. The letter should be written on company’s letterhead authorized by only a senior management representative to be addressed to Brazilian Embassy or the General Consulate with the following briefs;

  • Nature of Company’s Business
  • Applicants Name and Designation in the Company
  • Specifying the business activities to be conducted in Brazil
  • Mention the full Name and Address of the Brazilian company with which the applicant will be dealing with
  • Mention name of the Individuals whom the applicant will be contacting in Brazil with their phone numbers and designation in the Brazilian company or institution
  • Citing applicants entry and exit travel dates
  • Also mentioning applicants stay in Brazil while stating the financial costs to be covered by the Brazilian company

Other Business Visa Requirements

A notary copy of the following documents can also be provided by the applicant;

  • Bank Statement of the past 3 months
  • Drivers License
  • Utility Bill
  • Or other documents considered necessary by the applicant.

Accompanying Spouse and Children

with the applicants’ business trip, then they should apply for a regular Brazil tourist visa. The applicant will stay legally in Brazil no more than 180 days per each 365 days on a tourist visa.

For Filmmaking Applicants

Filmmaking Applicant Proof Document needed from the Brazilian Cinema Agency (ANCINE) for the purpose of making video or audio recordings, taking pictures or making films for commercial purposes like documentaries, movies, advertisements etc.

Affidavit from Co-Producer of Brazil stating that the foreigner applicant will only do the above said activities after confirming previous acceptance from the competent Brazilian authorities.

NOTE – Visa applications not complying with fulfillment of specified particulars will not be taken into consideration at all by the consulate.

The visa will expire after the non entrance of the applicant in Brazil within NINETY (90) days from the date of issuance of visa, so kindly only apply for the visa not earlier than 3 months before your intended trip to Brazil.

The consulate has the discretional say in the applicants’ business visa, which may be of a short term (30 or 90 days) or long term (1 or 2years). So on deciding the validity of the business visa, the applicants’ business letter is taken into consideration by the consulate for its approval. If the applicant wants a long term visa, then it should be explained in greater detail why he/she needs to travel several times a year to Brazil.

ALSO NOTE –  the time taken to complete a Business visa process is usually around 10 to 15 working days.

The Embassy does not provide any kind of information regarding visa status, so for querying the visa status by self kindly visit here

The Application Status will display the following listed;

  • Received_ Visa application has been received
  • Processing_ Visa application is under process by the Consular Authority
  • Authorized_ Visa is authorized and ready to be printed
  • Ready to be Collected_ Applicants visa is issued and the passport can be collected on any working day at the visa counter of the Brazilian Embassy
DVISORY NOTE  – Brazil government advises its applicants that they should correspond only to the purpose of their work as to the visa applied, instead of getting involved in criminal or blacklisted activities, as many of these illegally activities have been reported regularly in the country. However, the government adds, that it is up to the intentions of the applicants that they wish to do so or not.