Business visa information(VITEM-II) – Brazil

Business Visa to Brazil is issued to Residents of US for the following purposes:

  • Represents his or her company in an exhibition or tradeshow
  • Goes for discussing business meetings, sales promotion or closing deals related to export or import
  • For covering Media related activities or Filming
  • For flight or ship crew member trips who do not possess an international crew card
  • For adopting a Brazilian minor with custody already granted

NOTE – It is illegal in Brazil to provide any kind of technical assistance or engaging in any voluntary work or professional training or doing any other professional activities on a business VITEM-II visa. However, for getting involved in work related to the said activities, then another type of visa, VITEM-V is to be applied for. Visitors found breaching this norm would be subjected to heavy immigration penalties according to Brazil.

The visa will expire after the non-entry of the applicant in Brazil within NINETY (90) days from the date of issuance of visa, so kindly only apply for the visa not earlier than 3 months before your intended trip to Brazil.

The Consulate/Embassy has the discretional say in the applicants’ business visa, which may be of a short term (30 or 90 days) or long term (1 or 2years). So on deciding the validity of the business visa, the applicants’ business letter is taken into consideration by the consulate for its approval. If the applicant wants a long term visa, then it should be explained in greater detail why he/she needs to travel several times a year to Brazil.

Time taken to process a Business visa is usually around 10 to 15 working days.