Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a Visa on arrival at an Brazilian airport?

Ans- NO, you need to obtain a visa to Brazil before you board a flight to Brazil.

  1. What is the time taken to obtain Brazil Visa?

Ans– It takes anywhere between 5-7 business days to get a Brazil Visa. In some cases, Consulate/Embassy officials may take additional time from a case to case basis; which is purely their discretion. This does not include the time taken for mail.

  1. Is there a faster(expedited) way to obtain a Brazil Visa?

Ans– Yes, We do provide Rush service. Please do mention your requirement at the time of submission of your application to us.

  1. Do I need to appear in person to submit my Visa application to Embassy/Consulate of Brazil?

Ans– No, You do not need to submit your application in person. Traversal Visa will submit your application on your behalf. In certain rare cases however, Consular officers from the embassy/consulate may ask you to appear for an interview.

  1. How many days I am allowed to stay in Brazil in one trip?

Ans– You can stay in Brazil for a maximum of 90 days in Brazil in one trip. Extension of another maximum of 90 days is possible, which you have to apply to the Brazilian Federal Police while you are in Brazil before the expiry of your initial 90 day stay. Extension beyond a total stay of 180 days is not possible.

  1. What is the validity period of my Visa?

Ans– Your visa is valid from the date of Issue as mentioned on the Visa sticker; and not from the date of entry into Brazil. You MUST use the visa within 90 days from the date it was issued.

  1. Do minor children(less than 18 years) need a Visa to go to Brazil?

Ans– Every applicant, irrespective of age is required to obtain a Visa before departure to Brazil. Please refer to the minor applicant documentation in the tourist visa dection for additional requirements for minors.

  1. I have a valid Brazil Visa in my Old passport which has expired, and I have a new passport. Can I still travel to Brazil on that Visa?

Ans- Yes, you can. You have to take both passports with you; the new one as a valid travel document,a nd the old one with the valid visa.

  1. I have a Valid 10 Year Brazil Tourist Visa. I have a planned Business Trip to Brazil next month. Can I still travel to Brazil on my Tourist Visa even though I am going for Business?

Ans- No. You will always have to apply for a new visa(Business in this Case) if the purpose of your trip to Brazil changes and a new purpose of visit will require a new visa to enter Brazil.

  1. I am not a US passport Holder, can I still apply for a Brazil Visa in the US?

Ans– You can only apply for a Brazil Visa from US if you a legal resident of US; US passport Holder, Green Card holder, Long term resident visa like L1. You are not allowed to apply for a Brazil Visa in US if you visiting US on a short term visit(B1/B2).

  1. I have heard from some of my friends that they got a visa for a lesser duration than what they had applied for?

Ans– In most of the cases, visas are issued for the duration for what you have applied for . However, in certain cases the consular officials at their discretion may issue a visa for a shorter duration. This is however a exception rather than a rule.

  1. Is there a refund of visa fee if I decide to withdraw my application?

Ans– Visa Fee, if already paid to the Embassy/Consulate is not refundable. However, if you decide to withdraw your application before it is submitted to the Embassy/Consulate; you will get the refund of the full fees. There is no refund if Embassy/Consulate has rejected your Visa application.

  1. What are the acceptable modes of payment acceptable by Traversal Visa?

Ans– At this point, you can make payment directly into our bank account through wire transfer, or you can pay by cash or money order. Personal checks and Company checks are not acceptable. You can make one single(consolidated) payment if you are applying for more than one individual.

  1. Do I need a Travel Insurance while visiting Brazil?

Ans– It is not mandatory to have Travel insurance while traveling to Brazil. However, it is always advisable to obtain one to take care of any unforeseen medical expenses. Do mention your requirement at the time of your visa application. It doesn’t cost a fortune; but can definitely save a dent in your fortune.