All residents of US require a tourist visa to enter Brazil and that a Brazil tourist visa is available for a shorter duration, where the visitor is allowed to stay in the country for up to a period of 90 days per year.

Applicant Receives Tourist Visa for the following;

  • Sightseeing, Vacationing
  • Sports Competitions
  • Art Contests
  • Seafarers’ Family joining ship
  • Cruise Travelers
  • Rotary Exchange for a shorter period

This Visa gets activated from the visitors first date of entry to Brazil.

Renewing Brazil Tourist Visa

  • If the applicants require staying for a longer duration in Brazil other than the specified granted time in their visa, then they would have to apply for an extension
  • An extension of the original 90 days (standard tourist visa) may be granted by the Federal Police Department in Brazil, not exceeding the total of 180 days per year, unless otherwise mentioned
  • Also, extending the Brazil tourist visa is granted only once