Documents Required for Tourist Visa

  • Passport Requirements:

Original passport and one photocopy of personal information page, and copy of photo page if its separate (if not on data page). The passport must be signed and valid for 12 months beyond stay in China and with at least two blank passport pages available.

  • Chinese Visa Application Form:

One signed visa application form. With all the questions duly answered.Signature on the application form MUST match the signature on the passport.

  • Photo Requirements:

One recent 2 x 2 passport photograph, in color, front view and with a plain/white background.

  • For Non-US Citizens- Proof of Legal Stay or residence status

Copy of your Green Card, or any Long Stay Visa, proof of residence, proof of employment in US, proof of student status.

  • Travel Itinerary

Copy of Air-Ticket for the round trip AND   proof of hotel reservation or a cruise ticket.
An Invitation Letter- A letter of invitation from an Individual or an entity containing the following information

  • Information of the applicant- Full Name, Gender, passport no, date of birth, etc
  • Information on the planned Visit- Arrival & departure dates, places to be visited, etc
  • Information of the Inviting entity or the Individual- name, Contact No, address, ID of the individual, Stamp and signature if an entity is the inviter
  • Visa application of a Minor (Less than 18 years of age)
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • If travelling with one parent- Authorization letter for travel outside US from the other parent.
    • If NOT travelling with any parent- Copies of both Parent’s passports AND a letter of authorization signed by both the parents to authorize the kid to travel outside US.

Additional documentation for applicants of Chinese Origin:

  • Application form should be signed by one of the parents
  • If you are applying for a Chinese Visa for the first time, please provide your previous Chinese passport held and a copy of its data page.
  • If you have obtained a Chinese Visa before; please provide a copy of the previous Chinese Visa page
  • If you are now applying for Chinese Visa on a Renewed US(OR Foreign) passport; please still provide a copy of the previous Chinese Visa.
    • If your name of the current passport differs from the name on the previous passport; you MUST provide an official court order of name change.

Additional documentation if a MINOR is a Child born in US, to a Chinese parent.

  • Application form should be signed by one of the parents
  • Original Birth Certificate of the child, and a copy of the certificate.
  • Original AND a copy of both parents passports and proof of parents immigration status in the US(Green Card)
  • Invitation letter including all the details mentioned above.
  • Copy of the previous Chinese visa(if obtained earlier)