Indian Origin Applicants

In Addition to the requirements mentioned in the Tourist or Business Visa application pages on the website please read the below more requirements for any applicant of Indian Origin.

Any applicant who has EVER held an Indian Passport; and have (or had) acquired a Foreign passport (USA or Some other country) has to provide a proof along with their Visa application to India that they have surrendered their Indian Citizenship before acquiring a foreign passport.This is a Must, as the Indian Constitution does not allow Duel Citizenship.

Acceptable proof of Surrender of Indian Citizenship (Or called Renunciation) are given below:

  1. Copy of the Naturalization Certificate.
  2. Certificate of Renunciation issued by any Embassy/Consulate OR High Commission of India; OR
  3. Cancelled Indian Passport with stamp stating the passport is “Cancelled due Acquiring US or foreign citizenship”. A Stamp on the old Indian passport simply stating “Cancelled” is not acceptable.

If an applicant of Indian Origin does not have any one of the above proofs; he or she MUST obtain the “Renunciation Certificate” prior to applying for a Visa to India. In this case, you can STILL submit your Complete Visa application to us along with the documents required for obtaining the renunciation certificate.

Process to Obtain Renunciation Certificate is given below. It’s a MUST that you submit these additional documents along with your visa application.

  • 2 Original, Completed Renunciation Certificate Forms. (available in the “Forms & Formats” section.
  • Copies of US or Foreign passport information page and the last two amendment pages.
  • Copy of Naturalization Certificate.
    • If you do not have or have misplaced your naturalization certificate; a copy of the certificate MUST be obtained from USCIS(United States Citizenship & Immigration Services)
    • If you were naturalized as a child through your parents; a copy of both the parent’s naturalization certificate is needed. ALSO, a letter(declaration) has to be provided by your parents explaining the circumstances why you do not have your own naturalization certificate; this letter MUST be signed by both the parents and Notarized.
  • Copy of the Name Change Document- If the applicant’s name shown in the Indian passport or Indian Government issued document is different in any way from the name in the US or Foreign passport or naturalization certificate, a copy of one of the documents given below must be provided:
    • Endorsement of name change during the naturalization process
    • Official court order of the name change
    • Marriage Certificate showing the name change at the time of marriage.
  • Original, or the most recent Indian Passport


If you DO NOT have the Indian Passport; than you MUST ALSO provide the following additionally

  • TWO original completed & signed “Deemed Surrender Certificate Forms”(available in the “Forms & Formats” section).
  • A Notarized “Affidavit of Loss” (available in the “Forms & Formats” section).
  • A police report for the lost Indian Passport.
  • Any TWO documents showing proof that you ever held a Indian Citizenship;
    • Old Indian PAN Card,
    • Indian Driving license (Even if its expired),
    • Your Birth Certificate issued by local Municipality or Registrar of Births in India
    • Domicile Certificate
    • Any School leaving certificate

Fees & Penalty for Retaining Valid Indian Passport even after obtaining a US or a Foreign passport

There is a penalty of $ 250 if you have not obtained Renunciation Certificate even after 3 years of obtaining a US or a Foreign passport.

There is a penalty of $ 500 if you had renewed your India passport even after obtaining a US or a Foreign passport.

If you have used your Indian passport to travel even even after obtaining a US or a Foreign passport; there is a penalty of $ 250 per trip made on your Indian Passport