How to Apply

Step 1- Complete DS-11 Application form online at

Step 2- Prepare your Application File

Ensure ALL the documents required along with your passport application are available to be submitted along with the application.

  • Completed, printed, application form. DO NOT SIGN the DS-11
  • All supporting Documents& any additional forms.
  • 2 Photograph as per the specifications. DO NOT staple or paste the photographs with the forms.

Step 3- Visit your Local Post Office or Court House for endorsement
Process at the post office or the courthouse is going to be as follows:

  • Post office clerk or Court House official endorses the documents. Sign the application form infront of the post office clerk or court house official.
  • He/She seals the envelope containing all the documents& the Check/Money order favoring “US Department of State”
  • You hand over a Cashiers’ check or money order of $25 in favor of post office or Courthouse.
  • Staple Original letter of authorization to Traversal Visa to submit your passport application on the sealed envelope.

Step 4: Pay Traversal Visa handling charges as per the Service Category (1 or 2) in fees section. You can pay via any of the three options below:

Option 1
Pay directly into our account using the bank details given below.
Company Name: Traversal Visa USA
ABA Code- 121000358
Bank Name- Bank of America
A/C No- 325000587554

Option 2
Payment can also be in the form of a “Money Order” or a “Cashier’s Check” (Bank Check) made payable to Traversal Visa USA.

Option 3
If applying in person, payment by cash is also accepted.

Please submit Copy of the payment receipt along with your passport application if paid online

Step 5- Submit Your US Passport Application
You can apply for your US passport application using one of the two options below

Option 1
Send your application along-with your supporting documents to our office atthrough Fedex OR UPS or walk into our office at the address below
Traversal Visa
Office # 1623, 16th Floor
580 California St
San Francisco, CA 94104

Option 2: 
Passport Concierge Service

We understand the complex nature of the passport application form and the time it takes to fill up one. Mail us some of your basic details in the order form and we will fill the online application form for you and we will assign a senior Visa officer on the task to coordinate with you on the phone on the various other supporting documents required and your signatures on the application form.

  1. Fill the passport concierge order form available in “Forms & Formats”
  2. Pay the feesas per service option 2 in the fees page into our bank directly.
  3. Mail us the passport concierge order form and the proof of payment to
  4. We will send your application form for your signature through Fedex/UPS to your address.
  5. Follow the endorsement steps in Step 3 above.

Once we receive your application and supporting documents back in our office; Traversal Visa will make an appointment with the US Passport Agency and will submit the application on your behalf.  Once your passport is ready; we will collect it from the US Passport agency on your behalf and will ship it to you.