Visa Application FEES of Russia (for US Passport Holders)

Please see given below fee details for your Russia Visa Application

Common Private Visas







Consular Fee

Service Fee

Rush Fees

With Return Shipping

Total Fees

Option 1

$ 193

$ 100



A+B= $ 293

Option 2

$ 193

$ 100

$ 50


A+B+C= $ 343

Option 3

$ 193

$ 100

$ 50

$ 30

A+B+C+D= $ 373

Rush Fee is to ensure that your application is accorded priority for submission to the Russian Embassy/Consulate.

If you are applying for a Private Visa Type 2, there is an additional surcharge of $100 for applications.

IMP: Traversal Visa can assist in getting the Original Official Invitation letter issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation for additional fee of $100. Official Invitation letter from the Russian Government is a MUST before you even start filling the Visa application online. Please include this payment in addition to the Visa application fees above if you wish us to arrange this for you. This letter is NOT required if you are applying for a Private Visa Type 2.