All US Citizens require a Visa to travel to Russian Federation. US Citizens holding dual nationality MUST apply with their US Passports. US passport holders do not require medical insurance in order to apply for a Visa to Russia.

Non-US citizens should also provide proof of legality of their stay in the USA (US Resident Alien status, form I-94) when applying for a visa.

  • Applicants who used to be citizens of the USSR or the Russian Federation and emigrated from the USSR or from Russia must submit one of the documents which confirms that they are no longer citizens of the Russian Federation (so called “Visa to Israel” or stamp in their passport saying that they left for “permanent residence abroad” before February, 06 1992 or official document certifying that their Russian citizenship was renounced), otherwise the applications will not be accepted.
  • In accordance with Russian laws citizens of the Russian Federation regardless of any other citizenship they may have, must travel to Russia on valid Russian documents only.

EU Passport Holders– Citizens of these countries should submit national medical insurance certificate valid for Russia or guarantee of medical coverage from a Russian hosting organization for all period of stay. Medical insurance certificate should contain Russian contact phone number for emergency or assistance.

Normal Processing time for a Russia Visa is 10 to 15 calendar days. Consulate/Embassy officials may extend the processing times of the visa application solely at their discretion.