Indian Passport

India Passport

An Indian Passport is issued to citizens of India. It enables the bearer to travel internationally and serves as proof of Indian citizenship as per the passports act (1967).
As on 25 November 2015, Indian passports that were handwritten, or with an original date of expiry extending 20 years are no longer considered valid for international travel. If you are still holding such a passport, you MUST apply for a Indian passport renewal immediately at the Embassy/Consulate of India nearest to your place of residence.

New born- Govt of India does not allow Dual Citizenship. You must apply for an Indian passport for your baby as soon as possible at the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate.

With more recent Indian passports the personal particulars of the passport holder, that were hitherto printed on the inner cover page, are printed on the second page of the document.
Another added security feature in the newer non-handwritten passports is a ghost picture of the holder found on the right side of the second page.