Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Understanding Importance of Travel insurance

With increasing pressure in our day to day lives; we all want to escape the daily grind and embark on an international journey leaving the worries behind. With Flights and accomodation arrangements sorted; you are worried as to what happens if you or any of your family member’s fall sick in a foreign country or if your planned schedule is changed for reasons beyond your control or you lose your luggage. This is where obtaining a travel insurance before embarking on the jorney becomes a necessity in today’s world of high costs of medical treatment abroad.

Most of the comprehensive Travel health plans cover the following components:

• Medical & Hospitalization expenses
• Cancellation of your travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances or sudden illness or accident
• Travel delays covering any unforeseen changes to flight schedules & accomodation
• Cover for any loss of baggage or theft

Cost of purchasing a Travel insurance is generally directly propotional to the age of the traveller and the cost of the total trip. The higher the cost of total trip couple with the age; the higher is the cost of Insurance. It’s worth investing in obtaining a Travel Insurance than to spend your fortune attending to unforeseen emergencies in a foreign land

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