Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I renew my Indian passport in the US?

Ans- YES, you can renew your Indian passport in the US.

  1. I have a US Green Card, but not the US passport? Can I travel outside US?

Ans- YES, you can travel outside US using your current Indian passport. You will need to have your US Green Card handy while coming back to US. Your current Indian passport must be valid.

  1. Is it mandatory to submit my Indian passport application in person to the Indian consulate?

Ans- NO, Its not mandatory to submit your passport application in person. You can authorize Traversal Visa to submit on your behalf.

  1. I have changed my name, can I apply for a new passport with my new name?

Ans- YES.  You may appply for miscalaeneous services with proof of your name change.

  1. How long does it take to recieve a Indian passport after application submission?

Ans- It can take an average of 3  -4weeks to receive your new passport in a regular/Standard process. Reach out to us for the Rush or Tatkal service..

  1. How many blank pages I need to have in my passport before I apply for a Visa?

Ans- You need to apply for new passport if you intend to later apply for a Visa; and have only 2 blank page left  in your passport.

  1. What type of passport can I apply for?

Ans-  You can apply for 3 different passport types 1. Ordinary Passport 36 pages valid for 10 years. 2. Jumbo passport 60 pages not issued to minors. 3. Short validity passport for thise citizens on B1/B2 visas.  New born & minors only get a 36 pages passport.

  1. I am renewing my passport. Do I get the old one back.

Ans- YES, you will get your old passport back.

  1. Can I get extra pages inserted in my current passport?

Ans- No, you cannot. You are required to apply for new passport due to exhauseted pages.

  1. What do I do if my child is too young to sign his or her passport book?

Ans- You may sign the application by stamping the thumbprint of the child.

  1. Does a minor under 16 need to have parental or legal guardian consent when applying for a passport?

Ans- Yes, you need your parent’s consent for your passport application.

  1. Do the documents need to be notarized?

Ans- All the US documents issued by US authorities are required to be notarized. For minors the parental declaration is also required to be notarized. Additionally all affadavits are required to be notarized. For minors, application form also need to be notarized.

  1. What is the validity of a minors passport?

Ans- The validity of a minors passport will be for 5 years only.

  1. How soon can I apply for renewal of my Indian Passport?

Ans- You may apply for renewal of the passport upto 1 year before the passport expires..

  1. What are the different passport renewal services?

Ans – There are two services offered these are Issue of fresh passport and reissue of passport.

  1. What size photo do I need to submit with my application?

Ans – The size of the photo shpould be 2 inches x 2 inches (51mm x 51mm)

  1. My passport expired more than 3 years ago, can I still apply for passport renewal?

Ans – Yes you may still apply for renewal of Indian passport, additional documents will be required, please check specifications.